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Theory No 1: Doing self portraits is a challenge. #sketch #digitalart

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Cold weather and hoodies.

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Latest sketch (07/08/13). Because, obviously, I wasn’t listening to his lecture ;)

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I officially welcome myself to the life of a Med student.


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Sooooo calm.

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The largest book fair. :D (at Poro Point, La Union)

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Floor tom turned round table. Kidlat Tahimik’s creativity never cease to amaze me :) (at Vocas)

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A trip with Mary Lennox.

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A realistic attempt of who you think is…. #art #sketch #fabercastell

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In the mood. Ang liit na pala ng lapis ko. #wip

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With buddies! :3 (at Cafe Sapore)

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I therefore conclude that Hogwarts to where I live is far through owl post. 10-years-travel-time-far….

See you on Sept. 1 😍😁 @nizkee @katiechats

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@akodawsilindon :D (at EterniTea Leaf)